Low Cost Controller Tanpa Programming yg Rumit Saving Time and Budget

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Low Cost Controller Tanpa Programming yg Rumit Saving Time and Budget

Post  steven135c5 on Tue Sep 21, 2010 4:53 pm

Our controller that functions as control units for use in remote logic control and monitoring in various industrial applications. It offers a user-friendly and intuitive HMI interface that allows users to implement control logic on controllers just a few clicks away; no programming is required. With this powerful and easy-to-use software, it will minimize the learning curve, shorten time to market and dramatically reduce the effort and cost spent on system development.

Through Web browser, users can access Web Server to perform tasks such as logic edition and upload. A Rule Engine will be set up to manage and deploy rules for controllers. The Rule Engine will check whether the rules are valid or not and determine the execution of actions under specific conditions, for examples: setting up I/O channel values、perform scheduled tasks、sending Email or sending SMS message under a specific condition. In addition, through the Modbus TCP Protocol, it enables to control and monitor I/O channel or system status on controllers in real time.

● IF-THEN-ELSE logic rules execution ability
The controller equips with an IF-THEN-ELSE logic Rule Engine, it offers up to 36 IF-THEN-ELSE rules for users to set up the logic content. After completing rule edition and uploading rules to the WISE controller, the Rule Engine will loop execute the rules in accordance with the execute order under specific conditions.

● No programming is required to implement logic content on controllers
It provides user-friendly Web UI pages for editing control logic on the controllers. It enables to implement logic edition by a few clicks on the mouse to set up and deploy logic rules without writing a single line of code.

● No extra software tool is required; all operations can be done through the Web browsers
HMI interface runs on regular Web browsers. To edit control logic, it only requires a browser to connect to the Web server on controller. No extra software tool installation is needed on the target PC.

● Support various hardware controllers that are with different I/O types

● Provide Timer and Schedule operation
Timer and Schedule. It allows user to schedule specific date or time for control logic execution, or perform specific tasks such as time delay.

● Real-time remote monitoring and alarm via SMS or Email
Supports SMS and Email functions. SMS and Email functions are important functions for real-time message communication. The sending action can be added to the logic edition as part of logic control to provide real-time message transmission function.

● Real-time monitoring system status of controllers
Supports Modbus TCP Protocol for users to perform real-time monitoring and control of the controllers. Please refer to Appendix 1 for the mapping table of controller system information and Modbus TCP protocol Address.

● Password protection for upload access control for logic rules


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Re: Low Cost Controller Tanpa Programming yg Rumit Saving Time and Budget

Post  flyingtiger on Fri Dec 30, 2011 10:09 am

What is your product (controller)?


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